“At 69 I have a new lease of life” – Sue Moss, a Flexyfoot customer with a passion for staying active!


Meet Sue Moss, a Flexyfoot customer with a passion for staying active with the help of her Flexyfoot crutches. Read Sue’s story below:

“I was involved in a road accident at the age of 20, the left side of my pelvis was crushed so badly it was impossible to have it repaired. The accident happened whilst I was living in New York; I was lucky to have treatment from some amazing surgeons. I was told I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 30, but I have defied the surgeons by continuing to exercise and swim. At the age of 69 I am still swimming and exercising and moving very quickly with the aid of crutches and Flexyfoot ferrules.”

Have Flexyfoot Ferrules made a difference?

“My last fall was in January 2017 when I fractured my left inferior pubic ramus. It was wet and dark and I had plain ferrules on my crutches at the time, my crutch slipped and I fell on my left side. After this, my partner bought me new crutches with Flexyfoot ferrules and I cannot believe the difference they have made to my mobility. My left hand and arm would become very painful with the old ferrules, now I am able to move around with less pain to my arms, shoulders and legs.”

How do you like to stay active?

“I swim regularly and the ferrules allow me to walk on the tiles in the changing rooms without slipping. We often visit Gunwalloe beach (Cornwall) with our Welsh Terrier, Lottie. The beach consists mostly of large pebbles, a terrain I would find difficult to navigate with regular ferrules, but with Flexyfoot Ferrules I am able to join Lottie on the beach and enjoy time with her. We recently visited Tarr Steps at Dulverton for three days, I managed to walk across the medieval Tarr Steps and I walked about two miles along the side of the river on some really rough terrain.

I am so thrilled with what I can do thanks to my FlexyFeet, without them I could not have done a fraction of what I do now. I wish I’d had them sooner. All I can say is thank you Flexyfoot, I hope I will continue to defy the surgeons and stay out of a wheelchair for some time with the help of my new ferrules.”