"I'm so glad I've found Flexyfoot!"


We were delighted to have this rather wonderful feedback from a recent customer of ours, thank you Janet!

"I love flexyfoot!  I've been using them for over a year on my crutches and I find that I feel MUCH more secure using crutches with these ferrules rather than traditional ferrules.  I've now replaced all the old style ferrules with flexyfoot.  I mistakenly ordered the wrong size, sent them back for a replacement in the correct size, and within the week, the new ferrules arrived and I was not charged postage!   I can walk faster and greater distances now.  I feel safer, even walking on wet pavements, uneven ground or grass.  Most recently, I ordered new crutches with flexyfoot on a Monday.  I am only 4'10" tall and so I need my crutches to be cut down to size.  I spoke directly to David who couldn't have been more encouraging and said this would be no trouble at all.  On Thursday (of the same week) the new crutches, perfectly sized and perfect in every other way arrived!  I am SO impressed with the products and with the service and it feels so personal and friendly.  I am so glad I've found flexyfoot!"
- Janet Fabb, March 2015

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