Read our latest testimonial from a user with renewed confidence

Flexyfoot can improve and even transform lives but don’t just take our word for it.  We wanted to share some real customer experiences with you and here’s what one satisfied customer, Harold Owen, had to say:

"I first heard about Flexyfoot products after reading an article in the Health pages of the Daily Mail.  I had run out of replacement rubber ferrules for my walking sticks (I usually ordered about half a dozen at a time as they wore out so quickly) so I decided to place an order to find out how Flexyfoot performed."

"After using the Flexyfoot I would not return to using an ordinary rubber ferrule. The Flexyfoot makes ordinary rubber ferrules redundant! In wet weather and over uneven ground they give one confidence due to the foot being in total contact with the ground. An ordinary rubber ferrule makes contact on an edge only, hence the uneven wear of this type of ferrule and the ease with which they can sometimes slip."

"The added bonus is the 'shock absorbing' quality of the Flexyfoot. In the past I have tried a walking stick which had a spring fitted an inch or so above the rubber ferrule. Unfortunately it had no return damping and made an annoying 'clacking' noise! The Flexyfoot overcomes this problem and I have noticed that I no longer experience pain at the wrist or in the arm since switching."

"If anyone has struggled trying to replace a rubber ferrule on their walking stick they will appreciate the ease with which a Flexyfoot replacement foot can be fitted.  I am now looking forward to purchasing a Flexyfoot walking stick  and would highly recommend the Flexyfoot range."

We'd love to hear how Flexyfoot has changed your life so please get in contact and let us know.