Still Proud to Be British!

Let’s face it, we’ve suffered a few bruises to the British ego this sporting summer. So, despite the woes some of our sportsmen/women and fans are facing, we think it’s about time we celebrate what's great about being British.

David Goodwin says:  “As a British designer, I’m keen to support our local, homegrown businesses, suppliers and production companies. As development is an evolutionary process, I want to be at the heart of that process to ensure everything I believe Flexyfoot should be and should deliver to the end user, goes into every step of that production process. For that to happen it needs to be produced here. There’s a global perception of quality that goes hand-in-hand with British designed products and that’s also important for Flexyfoot as we continue to push export sales around the world.”

Let’s not forget the great quality that’s associated with anything ‘made in Britain’. We have plenty to feel patriotic about this summer, and there’s still a Wimbledon hopeful yet to play out..