Susan Seipel - Triple World Champion and Paralympic Bronze Medallist in Para-canoe reviews Flexyfoot Ferrules


Flexyfoot Ferrule Review from triple World Champion and Paralympic Bronze Medallist in Para-canoe, Susan Seipel. Susan represented her country at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016 and was the first Australian to win a medal in the para-canoe.

Susan born with a condition called arthrogryposis, characterised by fusion of joints and absent muscle formation in her legs. It affects her mobility, so she spends her time using a wheelchair or crutches and splints to walk.

Susan was spotted using Flexyfoot ferrules on her Instagram page, @susanseipel.paralypian, and we got in touch to get her honest feedback and review of the Flexyfoot ferrules.

Here is what Susan had to say:

“I have been using crutches for most of my life and I highly recommend flexy foot ferrules. In fact, I would never use anything else! 

Before Flexyfoot I would slip on sloped surfaces often, especially in wet areas. With Flexyfoot I don’t slip at all because the grip maintains contact with angled surfaces preventing falls. 

I use crutches daily and before Flexyfoot I needed to replace the tread every couple of months due to uneven wear. Flexyfoot ferrules last a lot longer than any others I have tried and are definitely a worthwhile investment for safety and quality.”


We look forward to continuing to support Susan and hearing more about her Flexyfoot ferrules adventures.