Top 10 tips to stay safe and have fun on holiday!

The holiday season is well and truly upon us now, and while it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for safety, it really is a hot topic this year with the difficulties suffered in the Eurozone. To make the most of your well-earned break, we’ve compiled the top 10 tips to ensure you have minimum stress and maximum relaxation!

  • Fortune favours the prepared. So before you leave make sure you have all of your important documents in order (passports, travel insurance, medical certificates) and get any daily medications well in advance for the duration of your trip. Also, check ahead to make sure any medication that needs refrigeration can be done safely and securely at your destination.

  • Lock up & switch off. It sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget to shut a window or not pull the door firmly enough for it to shut when you’re in a hurry for the airport. Leave yourself plenty of time to do a final check, and if you can ask a friend or neighbour to pop in at regular intervals so they can contact you with any issues (and water the plants/feed the cats etc!) then all the better.
  • Keep up to speed with the news. Unforeseen events at or en-route to your destination are not something you can plan ahead for. It is very sensible though to stay in touch with the news, with your holiday provider and airline/ferry etc right up until the day you travel to ensure you can leave more time for a journey, adapt travel plans and be prepared to be flexible if necessary. has advice particularly relevant for people headed for Greece which is worth checking daily.

  • Familiarise yourself on arrival. When you arrive at your destination, make yourself familiar with exit routes (in case of fire/emergency), availability of a first aid kit and what the local number to call in an emergency is. Generally this is detailed in your room or you can ask at reception/the villa owner etc. Especially relevant if you need disabled access, or would struggle with stairs/have small children in prams etc.
  • Safe swimming. Most of us enjoy a lovely cool dip on a hot day! To enjoy your aqua activities, make sure you walk carefully around the pool, which can be very slippery. Never leave young children or vulnerable dependents unattended around water, and finally stay clear of a swim if you have any kind of upset stomach. Oh, and probably best to avoid sneaky night-time dips if the pool is shut, not only will you get in trouble (!) but you should never swim while the pool is unattended.

  • Sun cream sun cream sun cream. Yes it’s an obvious one, but there is truly nothing worse than suffering from sunburn on day 1 of your holiday and spending the next few days feeling extremely uncomfortable. Avoid it at the hottest point in the day (11am – 3pm) and slip a t-shirt/kaftan (we love these cover ups for practicality and style) on if you intend to be outside or even snorkelling for any length of time. Keep older people and young infants in the shade as much as possible. Preferably with a steady supply of ice-creams.
  • Not everyone heads for the sun. While a lot of us flock to the beaches, many of us have also enjoyed a cultural city break, or a soggy caravan! Prepare yourself for all weathers (particularly in the UK!) and bring along some indoor activities such as cards, board games etc in case you need to while away some hours. Some great ideas for indoor games here
  • Beware the magpies. Yes, we all want to look our best and emulate those glamorous celeb pics of looking effortlessly chic. But wearing all of your jewellery at all times, or very obviously opening a bulging purse when purchasing an ice cream, is likely to make you a target. Stay casual, keep jewellery to a minimum and leave the designer handbag at home (it’s only going to get covered in sand anyway!). There’s a handy guide here on how to avoid losing your belongings.

  • Never walk alone. As you would at home when out and about, don’t wander off back to your hotel without a friend and make sure your travelling companion(s) know where you are. Unlit streets and dark corners are best avoided to stay safe.
  • Feeling tipsy? Many of us enjoy a drink on holiday, and the vast majority do so safely and within reasonable limits. Do stay vigilant though if you feel unwell, or unsafe, that you ask a friend to take you back to your accommodation safely. It’s easy to become swept up in the moment, but as long as you’re with friends/family/spouse and you’re looking out for each other – bottoms up! Check out some easy cocktails here to get you in the holiday spirit.

Have a lovely holiday everyone, and wherever you are headed this summer don’t forget to pack your Flexyfoot!