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Flexyfoot is in a different league!! The oval handle is soooooo comfortable and I feel very secure. The ferrule is also a revelation – it gives me much more stability and confidence.
I HATE needing a walking stick – but at least this one makes a real difference and even looks a bit more funky than the rest!
Thank you for your fresh eyes on an old problem.

Jane Fyleman

I have been using these for a few years now and they certainly help prevent my crutches slipping and reduce pain I get in my wrists, elbows and shoulders as I use crutches all the time. They also help when negotiating slopes as the concertina allows you to use them at an angle. An excellent piece of kit just a shame they are not available on the NHS.

DJ Dapper Dan

I’ve been using these on my crutches for last two months and they really do reduce the impact on my shoulders. They’re also a little quieter too (but not completely silent). These also really help reduce potential slips and are brilliant on uneven grounds.

Different physios who have seen these have commented on how brilliant they are and will recommend these to patients in the future.


My husband had needed the use of crutches for over 30 years these flexifoot ferrules really do help absorb the impact on his arms. Brilliant product. Will continue to purchase them as and when needed when they wear out. Keeps my 78 year old husband mobile.


The grip and flexible angle of the ferrules is far superior to any other crutch my husband has used. Although it takes time to get used to the open cuff after using a closed cuff, it is more versatile and comfortable. The feel and the appearance of the black material of the crutches both give an air of quality.

Helen Burnham

I have weak and deformed hands (through rheumatoid arthritis) and have found using a stick a problem as it causes hand pain. The Flexyfoot stick is very comfortable to use, no shocks up the arm and the shape of the handle makes it easier to hold. A wonderful product. Thank you.

Margaret Brooke

This item is a must have for crutch users. I’ve tried most rubber stoppers and most are rubbish. I’ve been on crutches for 9 years with a full leg amputated so I know what’s best out there for me and this item is best I’ve had. They are softer landing so they are good for the shoulders my aches have gone using these. They are good on wet supermarket floors to when it’s raining I don’t have to think 5 moves a head encase floors wet.. I’m very happy and I’ve had them 4weeks to make sure they lasted ok and they are as good as day one. I’m using NHS crutches which are normally 22mm. Hope this helps guys.


I have used your Flexyfoot ferrule on my walking sticks since they were first devised. And can say I have never ever had a better type of ferrule.

I purchased my ferrule at a Naidex exhibition and its still the original with very little ware, and expect it to last for as long as I need to use a walking stick. I would recommend everyone to use a flexyfoot, it is the safe way.

Robert Cooper

I am only on my second day of using the folding flexyfoot with soft grip handle, bought it in blue, looks really funky and trendy as I’m only 38, my first was a telescopic cork handle in black which I also love. Having a new car and did not want to bump or scratch it, it’s brilliant, folds away easily and neatly in the storage bag provided, very light weight but strong and feels sturdy. The ferrule does what is says on the tin. Helps me get up from my low wall in the garden when taking my dog out. Can be used safely and is sturdy on many angles and tilts and that’s on grass. I was a bit worried before I bought it as the handle looked very big and clumpy but it looks bigger on the site, the soft grip handle fits into my palm nicely and is so comfy to use (I have neuropathy) as is the cork handle (my old fold away walking stick would make a cling and clang noise, this one is nice and quiet so no more feeling like the tin man lol).

So happy I got 1 of each will buy more in future. Next on the list is the Hiking cane for the summer, which I have bought before by mistake but it is brill as a walking cane for dog walking or hikers.. my only bad point is the straps on all products are a bit rough on the skin, but not worth losing a star for, and easily rectified by buying straps on ebay and getting my mam to sow it on ( Cheers Mam). Don’t think of the cost as being high think of it as an investment that will last and save you strain and muscle pain, thanks David and your lovely staff at Flexyfoot.


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